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Monroe Duffel

Zady x Winter Session


The Monroe Duffel is a collaboration between Zady and Winter Session to create a durable, handsome bag that can accompany you on all your future journeys. The thick, navy cotton exterior is complimented by the rich, brown leather handles and details and an interior lining of muted oxford stripes. Winter Session sources the vegetable- tanned leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago, one of most respected names in United States leather, and crafts the bag in their Colorado studio. Large enough to carry a significant load, the Monroe is still a dapper duffle that will only get better with age.

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    • 100% cotton with Horween vegetable tanned leather handles
    • 22" wide and 16" long
    • Hand crafted in Denver, Colorado
  • Made by Hand

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Made in the U.S.A.

Zady x Winter Session

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The Brand Story Tanya and Roy met in 1997. “We dated for a year in high school,” Tanya says. They found each other again in their 20s, and together lived in L.A., Bombay and Chicago, where they got married. Roy is an architect and Tanya an artist, but Winter Session started as a side project.

Tanya, Roy and a barista friend—their cofounder, who went on to open a café—felt unfulfilled in their day jobs: “The three of us…were talking about how we missed working with our hands. We wanted to work on a project from home with materials that we had.” So they bought two sewing machines, Singers from the ’40s and ’70s, and started making soft tote bags and aprons out of salvaged materials. “We were interested in things that you wear against your body, on your body…useful and functional accessories,” Tanya tells us. They officially launched in May 2010, and started selling at the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair that August.

Roy at work in their studio

Roy and Tanya source their own raw materials. “The canvas that we use is woven overseas—mostly in India and Pakistan—and the finishing is done in Bridgeport, New Jersey,” Roy says. The canvas is 100-percent cotton. They source vegetable-tanned leather from the Horween factory in Chicago, one of most respected names in United States leather.

Seeing how it’s all made…that was really important to us.

While they were still in Chicago (they are now in Denver), Roy and Tanya worked a mere five miles from Horween, allowing the designers to develop a good relationship with Nick Horween and learn about the process. “That enables us to learn about the leathers…,” says Tanya, “going to the tannery, looking at the samples—hundreds of combinations that they do.” “And seeing how it’s all made. That was really important to us,” Roy adds. They do all of the leatherwork in-house, and also work with a few local sewing contractors in Chicago to ensure consistent high quality.

Tanya at work in their studio