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Heather Grey Turtleneck Sweater

Zady Turtleneck Sweater


Limited edition pieces available for PRE-ORDER for delivery beginning Dec. 1

A new fine gauge wool for this season, the turtleneck sweater features a 2×2" rib stitch at the neck and hem for comfort, plus beautiful ribbing at the shoulders, creating elegant lines. The lightweight wool is the perfect foundation for this soft and warm Fall staple that can be perfectly tucked and layered in the colder winter months. Every aspect of this piece’s production has been considered from the natural GOTS certified wool fibers ranched in South America to the spinning and dyeing out of a Blue Sign certified facility and finally to the knitting factory in California.

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    • 100% GOTS certified Wool. Ranched in South America
    • Dyed and Spun in Blue Sign certified facility
    • Knit in California
    • Dry Clean Only
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Made in the U.S.A.

Zady Turtleneck Sweater


With the fall/winter season comes the need for classic and timeless pieces ideal for crisp fall days and perfect for layering during those unpredictably cold winter months. For centuries, wool has been a staple natural fiber in our fall and winter wardrobes, warming our bodies with its heat retention characteristics and reliable insulation. Its tremendous elasticity renders it one of the most durable natural fibers, yet its soft hand and resistance to wrinkling makes it one of the easiest to wear and care for.

Our Process

Here at Zady, we are committed to knowing and understanding every aspect of our supply chain from fiber all the way to finished product. Through our research we have come to learn that for many companies that “all the way” part can be very, very long and very, very shadowed. Zady is here to fill in the blanks and offer a deeper look into our process. By asking the right questions and seeking the right certifications, we set out to make beautiful pieces of the highest quality and positive intention for ourselves and for our planet.

Spinning and Dyeing | Biella Yarns Zhangjiagang, China

Our natural wool fibers ranched in beautiful South America are 100% GOTS certified. The fibers are spun and dyed by Nuremburg-based Biella Yarn in a Bluesign certified facility in China that adheres to environmental production and cultural and social commitments.

The dyeing and spinning process is one of the most important aspects of the apparel supply chain to shed light on. In this stage of the process, lack of transparency and auditing leads to wasteful excess energy and water consumption, as well as toxic dye contamination in local rivers and groundwater. It is important to choose spinners and dyers that understand their role within the supply chain and have made a commitment to sustainable production while limiting their negative impact on the environment in which they operate.

We are proud to have partnered with Biella Yarns for the spinning and dyeing stage of this process– a company whose facilities adhere to the highest standards of sustainability through Bluesign and GOTS certifications. The process of obtaining these certifications calls for a rigorous internal and external analysis of the company’s environmental, health and safety practices and only those whose chains are considered to be of exceptional quality are awarded the privilege to bear such trademarks. Through this partnership, our final product is one that consists not only of a beautiful, warm wool that is soft next to skin, but one whose impact from fiber to finished garment is thoughtfully considered.

Knitting | Avatar Technology, California

Our process continues and ends on the West Coast of the United states at a small knitting factory in California where our beautiful Biella yarns are transformed into our fall turtleneck sweaters. At this stage, our garment is finished to our specifications from the knitting of the yarns to the precise placement of the labels. We like to keep the kitting process close to home – i.e. domestic. That way can ensure that the most labor intensive aspect of our process is met with the highest living wage standards and that a strong commitment to the hands that make the garments is of the highest consideration.