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Zady Striped Linen Jersey Shirt

Zady Striped Linen Jersey Shirt


Modeled after our .03 Linen Jersey Shirt, we bring you a classic stripe. Combining our super-soft, 100% lightweight linen, a drop shoulder for a relaxed fit, and a contrasting pocket, this piece is perfect on its own or for layering the whole year round. The flax seed in the shirts is grown in Normandy, France and then the flax fibers are brought to Bergamo, Italy where they are dyed, finished and spun into linen yarn. The linen yarn is transported to Barcelos, Portugal where the yarn is knit, producing the linen jersey fabric. At this point, the fabric is brought across the sea to North Carolina where we partnered with Opportunity Threads, a facility that has developed a successful worker-ownership structure, where the breathable, soft, nautical shirt is completed.

Discover our process

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    • 100% Linen
    • Flattering, loose fit
    • 100% European flax
    • Made in North Carolina
    • Wash cold with like colors, lay flat to dry
    • Model is 5'9 and is wearing a size small
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Made in the U.S.A.

Zady Striped Linen Jersey Shirt


Why Linen What material has the lowest carbon footprint, a beautiful texture and is naturally cooling for the summer? Linen, of course. Linen is made from the flax plant. Flax is a wonderful fiber as it requires very little besides sunshine and natural rain to grow, that means it leaves a low carbon footprint. Just look at this chart and you’ll see why linen is a must in any conscious wardrobe.

Cultivation & Harvest Normandy, France

The flax for the Striped Linen Jersey Shirt was grown in Normandy, France. Flax is a finicky little plant that thrives only in climates where the soil is quite warm and moist, where there is lots of sunshine, and cool nights. The area of Normandy, in the North of France, by the ocean is the perfect “terroir” (fancy French word for soil, topography and climate) for our little flax plant to grow. And grow it does! Within eight weeks of sowing, the flax plant grows about six inches and continues to grow almost an inch a day, reaching about 30 inches within fifteen days.

Once grown, the flax is pulled from the soil and left in the field from anywhere between two weeks and three months. This process, called “retting,” allows the microorganisms, which is in the dirt to break down the thick stems of the flax plant.

After that, the plant is baled and sent to turbines where the flax is “scutched”. There the machine beats the woody parts of the stock to separate it from the prized linen fibers.

Spinning & Dyeing Bergamo, Italy The flax fibers are then brought to Bergamo, Italy where they are dyed and finished and spun into linen yarn at the Linificio textile mill, which is a certified member of the Masters of Linen organization. This certification ensures that, first, at least 98% of extracted linen fibers must be of EU origin and dew-retted, and second, that 100% of the linen production process is done in Europe, by requiring total traceability in every stage of linen production. Compliance with certification requirements is verified through an annual audit.

Knitting Barcelos, Portugal

Once the flax fibers are spun into yarn, the linen yarn is transported to Barcelos, Portugal where the yarn is knit, producing the linen jersey fabric. The jersey is produced in circular looms, which minimizes material wastage as it creates a seamless tube of fabric. Situated in the Minho region of Northern Portugal, a province known for its textile prominence, our knitting facility keeps the carbon footprint low by using the latest energy efficient machinery and their location in Portugal means their energy source has a much lower impact than most other textile centers (Portugal generates 70% of its electricity from renewable sources!).

Cut & Sew Morganton, North Carolina, USA

For our Striped Linen Jersey Shirt we continue to partner with Opportunity Threads, who oversee the production of several of our pieces in The Zady Collection. We work with this North Carolina-based facility because its sewers are highly skilled and they have developed a successful worker-ownership structure.

Did you know:

The world linen comes from the Latin word for flax, which is linum. It has played such an important role throughout history, that the word has given rise to a number of other terms:

  • Line linen thread was used to determine straight lines;
  • Lining since linen was a common inner layer for wool and leather clothing;
  • Lingerie from the French, originally meant underwear made of linen.