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Relaxed Navy Blazer

Zady Relaxed Navy Blazer



Our take on the classic navy blazer is crafted from the finest tropical wool with a comfortable, relaxed fit. The wool comes from Uruguay where the sheep grow their wool naturally in the rolling hills. It is then washed, dyed, spun and woven in a solar powered mill outside Milan, Italy. It is called ‘tropical’ wool because the fiber is woven into a more porous fabric, giving the moisture wicking wool greater air circulation so it can worn year round. The black lining is Bemberg cupro, a silky material from the cotton plant that is woven in Japan and matches the wool’s light, breathable properties. The all natural buttons also come from Italy, crafted from the smooth and strong corozo nut with low-impact dyes. These materials are combined with our specially developed USDA organic cotton shoulder pads by tailors in New York City’s garment district to fashion this perfectly tailored, not-so-stuffy blazer.

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    • 100% Tropical wool from Uruguay
    • Washed dyed, spun, woven in Biella, Italy
    • Fully lined in Bemberg cupro
    • 100% Corozo buttons made in Italy
    • 100% USDA Organic cotton shoulder pads
    • Dry clean
    • Sewn in New York City
    • Model is 5"!1 and is wearing a size small
    • Paired here with the Zady Wear Everywhere Pant and the Linen Jersey Shirt.
  • Sustainable

    Made by Hand

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Made in the U.S.A.

Zady Relaxed Navy Blazer

Relaxed Navy Blazer  found on Zady - - via @zadypins #zady #style #fashion #zadyrelaxednavyblazer


Elegant tropical wool was chosen for our relaxed yet sartorial blazer and pant, which is a breathable and lightweight fabric, naturally more wrinkle resistant and structured than other summer suiting options. For these pieces we partnered with ranchers, spinners, dyers, weavers, and tailors who share our values for making the best product in the best way, taking us on a journey from sunny Uruguay to one of the oldest mills in Italy and ultimately our own backyard in New York City’s garment district.

Ranching | Uruguay

Our wool comes from beautiful sheep that graze on the rolling hills of Uruguay. While most wool comes from Australia and China, we only source from areas that do not experience flystrike, a devastating condition that has led to harmful animal practices.

Weaving | Italy

The wool is then sent to famed fabric mecca Biella, Italy, a region north of Milan known as one of the major wool manufacturing centers of the world. At Tollegno 1900 mills our wool is washed, dyed, spun and woven. Tollegno 1900 is one of the oldest and largest vertical mills in Italy. Dedicated to sustainability, Tollegno uses a hydro-powered spinning plant, an on-site purification plant and uses only non-toxic dyes.

Inside Tollegno 1900 where our wool is washed, dyed, spun and woven.

Buttons | Italy

Our buttons are made of corozo nut, which comes from the Tagua Palm, a tree native to Ecuador. Corozo is elegant, natural and sustainable. Their seeds can only be collected after they fall naturally from the tree. Seeds that are picked from the palm before they fall are not ripe enough for production. Raw corozo is ivory in color, and the porous surface of corozo makes it prime material for dyeing. Our buttons were dyed a vibrant black with low-impact dyes. Not only is corozo easy to dye, it is also resistant to fading and highly durable. The corozo nut is made into a button by Gritti Group in Grassobbio, Italy, in a facility that has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This is an independent testing and certification system that ensures no harmful substances were used in transforming the raw material into, in our case, a beautiful button.

The evolution of the corozo nut into a button

Shoulder Pads | USA

We developed our own 100% USDA Organic cotton shoulder pads in partnership with Perfect Shoulder, a second generation factory in Mount Vernon, NY.

Sewing | USA

Our wool blazer is made by C&J Sportswear, located in New York’s famed Garment District. The Wear Everywhere pant is constructed by Himatyon, a mother-daughter–run atelier, also in New York City. Our master craftsmen bring decades of expertise to create the perfect fit and a product stitched to be enjoyed for years to come.