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Pencil Skirt - Grey

Zady Pencil Skirt


Beautiful brushed wool and thoughtful details make for a soft, stunning and versatile pencil skirt that can be easily dressed up or down. Our wool pencil skirt features an asymmetrical mid-calf length slit for a unique, yet practical twist to the classic silhouette. The slit detail allows for this piece to be worn traditionally - with the slit in the back - or in the front for an edgier style. The biodegradable cotton lining adds structure and warmth, making this an excellent addition to a timeless and long-lasting fall wardrobe. The soft wool is certified non-mulesed and ranched in South America where it is then dyed using AZO free dyes in Italy before being cut and sewn in New York City.

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    • 100% Non-mulesed wool from Argentina
    • Spun, dyed and woven in Italy
    • AZO free dyes
    • Cut and Sewn in New York City
    • Dry Clean Only
    • Tailored fit.
    • We suggest sizing up.
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Made in the U.S.A.

Zady Pencil Skirt

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Our Process

Here at Zady we are committed to tracing every aspect of our supply chain from fiber all the way to the finished product. Through our research we have come to learn that, for some, the “all the way” part can be very, very long and very, very shadowed. Zady is here to fill in the blanks and offer a deep look into our process. We build strong relationships with our partners who have demonstrated a deep rooted commitment to social and environmental good. Through these relationships, we are able to ask the right questions and obtain the right certification as we set out to make a product of the highest quality and positive intention for ourselves and our planet.

Wool Fibers | Argentina

We begin our journey in stunning Argentina - a country well-known for its sheep farming and wool industry. For centuries, merchants have looked to South America as a source for high-quality wool fibers, but quality is not where Zady ends its search for the perfect fiber. We source certified non-mulesed wool as the foundation of our pencil skirts ensuring that no animals have suffered as a result of our process.

Spinning and Dyeing | Tollegno - Biella, Italy

The Sanctuary of Oropa in the northern province of Biella, Italy

The journey continues onto the northern Italian region of Piedmont where the Argentinian wool fibers are spun and dyed by our partners at Tollegno 1900. Nestled in the small province of Biella, Italy, Tollegno is perfectly situated at the intersection of nature, tradition and technology. Its location at the base of the Italian Alps has given way to an environment that fosters green living, oneness with nature and limited effects of technology on long-standing traditions. Do not be fooled by this quaint, green city, take a closer look and one can understand how it has come to earn its moniker “the City of Wool.”

Tollegno’s yarns and textiles are synonymous with quality and sustainability. Through vertical integration the company is able to oversee every aspect of the process and ensure that it adheres to its signed code of ethics and standards. Tollegno’s mills are certified by the Associazione Tessile e Salute (Health and Textile Association) which recognizes companies operating with specific regard to safety, the environment and the preservation of the prestigious “Made in Italy” mark.

Our yarns are dyed using AZO-free dyes in these certified facilities that utilize water treatment plants in addition to solar and hydro energy systems. The combination of fine Italian craftsmanship and technology along with the signed commitment to sustainability and safety results in fine yarns and textiles that employ the highest standards within the dyeing and spinning process.

Cut and Sew | Taya Fashion - New York City

The journey ends at Taya Fashion where our pencil skirts are cut and sewn. Situated amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City’s Garment District the 20 year old apparel manufacturing company is owned and operated by William Wai and production planner Wendy Fung - two industry veterans who have been working in the garment center for over 30 years.

Over the span of 4 decades William has witnessed many changes in the industry that have shaped his outlook and business philosophy. “The product and the customer have changed. Quality has changed” he says. But, where most industry players are sacrificing craftsmanship in their race to the bottom, William places quality, customer relationships and punctuality above all else. “Quality is number one. My customers are my friends and, of course, you have to be on time” he says.

Perhaps what has affected William the most is the offshoring of apparel manufacturing jobs that has led to decades old factories and garment center institutions to close up shop. Today, the once vast and vibrant garment center on the West side of Manhattan continues to shrink before his very eyes and William himself has experienced the effects of skyrocketing rents.

Once operating out of a 20,000 sq ft space, over the years he was forced to downsize and move several times before settling down in their current home on 38th street. The 3,000 sq ft space buzzes quietly as its 20 employees hum about their machines - checking garments, cutting fabrics and pressing skirts. Even Jimmy the surprisingly friendly resident cat seems perfectly content following William around everywhere he goes, never leaving his side.

Despite the setbacks and challenges the garment center continues to face, William and Taya have persevered and managed to stay competitive by implementing new technology, machinery and equipment, and by providing excellent service and quality products to local customers. We are proud to work with our local manufacturers and their close proximity allows us to visit and engage in face-to-face discussions about the production process. We have watched every step of production and have been delighted to meet and learn from our makers.

William Wai by his pattern-making work station with his trusty sidekick Jimmy the cat.