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Navy Organic Long Staple Button Down

Zady Mens Button Down


With every detail scrupulously considered for quality, longevity and sustainability, the Navy Organic Long Staple Button Down is our take on the classic piece. The shirt is crafted from long staple, organic cotton grown near the Aegean Sea in Turkey where the climate has nurtured the highest quality cotton since ancient times. The cotton is spun and woven in the same region of Turkey and then brought to New York City to be expertly tailored. Constructed with a contemporary slim fit and chest pocket, the shirt can be worn casually or tucked with dress pants. Side gussets, a double stitch, and flat felled seams give it the durability to withstand years of wear. Finished off with mother of pearl buttons made in Italy with waste from the shell-fish industry, our button down defines sustainable sartorial style.

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    • 100% Organic cotton grown and spun in Turkey
    • Mother of Pearl buttons made in Italy
    • Side gussets
    • Button-down collar
    • Wash cold, line dry if you can or tumble dry low if you must
    • Made in New York City
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Made in the U.S.A.

Zady Mens Button Down

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The Cotton

The organic cotton used in our mens button downs is grown near the Aegean Sea in the west of Turkey. The Aegean Sea has dry weather and a mild climate, which has made it an ideal cotton growing area since ancient times. The cotton grown in this area is known for its natural white color as well as the strength of the fiber.

The Quality of the Cotton

Quality of cotton can be determined by the length of the fiber. Our cotton is long staple cotton. When the fibers are twisted into yarn there are fewer tiny ends that are exposed, which makes the fiber softer.

Organic Cotton

Our Izmir cotton is organic, which is doing the right thing for the soil, for the world’s water, and for our climate. Organic cotton, which is only 1% of cotton worldwide, keeps nutrients in the soil, it doesn’t contribute pesticides to our water system, and it has 60% lower greenhouse gas emissions than the other 99% of cotton.

Organic Cotton is Just the Beginning

Organic cotton is about the actual growth of the cotton on the farm. There are companies that use organic cotton, but then follow it up with toxic dyes. Not us! The cotton that goes into the button downs has not come into contact with any toxic pesticides or dyes. Nope, not a drop.

The Fabrication Process

After the cotton is picked, it is ginned to remove the seeds and then spun and woven right in the same area of Izmir, Turkey.

A cotton gin, separating cotton fibers from the seed.

After the cotton is ginned and spun into yarn, it is woven into fabric using these machines.

Don’t forget the buttons!

To complete the perfect shirt, we had to have the perfect buttons, and for that we worked with a company that has been producing buttons in Italy since 1924. Most buttons today are made of synthetic plastic, not only is it a toxic burden, it’s also not as refined as mother of pearl buttons which uses the waste from the shellfish industry. The Mother of Pearl is sourced from Australia.

No two buttons are identical, which adds to the beauty of the piece.

Expert Tailors

The high quality materials are brought to the heart of the Garment District in New York City to be crafted into the shirts. The fabric is cut at MK Cutting, a father and son business. For expert craftsmanship we have partnered with Tyler Production where the fabric is sewn and finished by hand. Extra time is put into using flat felled seams, double stitching and adding side gussets to make a shirt as tough and durable as it is handsome. We know the devil is in the details.