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The Knit Coat

Zady Knit Coat


The knit coat features a heavy, washed knit for optimal warmth and a heaviness that provides a true outerwear feel. Made from of 100% GOTS certified wool and Peruvian Alpaca this coat is the epitome of warmth with an oversized, cozy silhouette. The coat can be worn open for a casual look or buttoned up with our natural corozo nut buttons for added insulation. The Alpaca fibers are not dyed and provide a naturally existing hue while the wool fibers are dyed using non-toxic dyes. Both fibers are spun in a GOTS certified facility in Italy into beautiful yarns that are then knit in California.

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    • 70% GOTS certified, non-mulesed wool from Argentina
    • 30% Alpaca from Peru
    • Dyed and Spun in GOTS certified facility in Italy
    • non-toxic dyes
    • Knit in California
    • Dry Clean Only
    • Intended for a relaxed fit
    • Those who prefer a closer fit should size down
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Made in the U.S.A.

Zady Knit Coat

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Our Process

Zady is committed to knowing and understand every aspect of our supply chain from fiber all the way to the finished product. Through our research, we have come to learn that, for some, the “all the way” part can be very, very long and very, very shadowed. Zady is here to fill in the blanks and offer a deep look into our process. By asking the right questions and seeking the right certification, we set out to make a product of the highest quality and positive intention for ourselves and our planet.

Wool and Alpaca Fibers | South America

The journey begins in South America where our natural wool and alpaca fibers are ranched. The alpaca fibers come from the beautiful country of Peru and the 100% GOTS certified wool from Argentina is sheared from sheep reared in organic farms that adhere to strict rules of animal health and well-being. This ensures that not only do our fibers meet the organic standard, but are also certified non-mulesed.

Spinning and Dyeing | Manifattura Sesia | Novara, Italy

The wool and alpaca fibers continue their journey in the Northwest region of Italy in Novara where the entire spinning and dyeing process takes place. The driving force behind Sesia’s commitment to quality is the “Made in Italy”standard that has become synonymous with quality and beauty.

We are proud to have partnered with Manifattura Sesia and admire their demonstrated commitment to meeting environmental standards and how they are constantly striving to better their process. By keeping the entire process integrated in their own facility and undergoing constant quality checks at every stage, Sesia ensures that each yarn adheres to the strictest quality control guidelines. In fact, In 2002 Sesia secured ISO 9001 certification which testifies to the existence of a management system capable of ensuring control over all company processes and, consequently, the manufacturing of high-quality products.

As is the case with all of our alpaca sweaters, the alpaca fibers are not dyed and their natural colors is exactly what you see in the sweater. The wool fibers are dyed using non-toxic dyes and the entire dying process is GOTS certified. The process of obtaining this certification calls for a rigorous internal and external analysis of the company’s positive environmental practises and are considered to be of exceptional quality. Through this partnership our final product is one that consists not only of a beautiful, warm alpaca and wool that is soft next to skin, but one whose impact from fiber to finished garment is thoughtfully considered.

Knitting | Ball of Cotton Commerce, CA

Once spooled, our yarn is sent to Ball of Cotton in Commerce, CA. They are one of the last remaining high-end knitters in the country. Because of their close proximity, we have been able to visit their facility and engage in face-to-face discussions about the best method of creating the perfect sweater. This is no shadow factory. We have watched every step of production and have been delighted to meet and learn from many of the 35 proud employees.