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Live in Simplicity .02 The T-Shirt (Limited Edition)

Zady .02 Limited Edition


Vivre en simplicité. Live in simplicity. For Earth Day we created this Limited Edition T-Shirt, embroidered in New York City with a French phrase we aspire to. Designed with timeless style in mind, every detail of our t-shirt’s construction, from the neckline to the hemline is chic, flattering and considered. This special edition starts with pure, USDA organic cotton that is grown and ginned in Texas and then spun, knit, and sewn in North Carolina. We kept our supply chain simple and clean, which we believe is the most elegant way of all.

Discover our process

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    • 100% USDA Organic Cotton
    • “Vivre en simplicité” embroidered above the pocket
    • Model is 5'9" and is wearing an extra small
    • Wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Locally Sourced

    Made in the U.S.A.

Zady .02 Limited Edition


By working with U.S. partners at every step of the apparel supply chain—farmers, ginners, spinners, knitters, sewers, and dyers — we’re learning the issues and taking them head on to create a new standard.

Harvest & | Ginning | Lubbock, Texas

For summer staples, there was no better place to begin than with cotton. It’s natural, breathable and lightweight. But not all cotton is equal. Conventional cotton is grown with chemical cocktail of pesticides and insecticides that is not only making the farm laborers sick, it’s destroying the earth’s soil, and water systems. We work with a cooperative in Texas that plants certified organic cotton under the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA-NOP).

Sporting the USDA organic certification means that their non-genetically modified cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, defoliants, or fertilizers. In place of which, natural fertilizers in the form of compost, naturally-derived mineral fertilizers, and rotational crop practices enhances biological cycles. This is how our organic cotton keeps chemical pollutants out of our air, our waters, and our t-shirt.

In the ginning process, organized by the coop’s members, the cotton fibers are separated from their seeds in a ginning machine. The result is a clean cotton lint that is compacted into a bale and sent to the next step of our processing.

Spinning | Thomasville, North Carolina

Our cotton has been fluffed, re-fluffed, and is in mid-process of being converted into fine yarn in North Carolina.

Our baled cotton travels to North Carolina where the cotton is fluffed and re-fluffed to make sure every last piece of pesky organic matter is removed from the soft white cotton fiber. We make sure we get only the softest cotton by going through a process called combing, this makes sure that only the best, softest fibers end up in our shirts. From combing we go to twisting to get all those fibers into a yarn, and then it’s ready for spinning. We use only ring-spun cotton, which leads to the most durable and soft fabric. Built to last, our ring-spun process translates into a reliable product ready for years of use.

Dyeing | Lincolnton, North Carolina

At South Fork Industries our shirts are yarn dyed, so they have been dyed before knit into the fabric which helps to perfectly saturate the color throughout the finished piece. They are dyed using fiber reactive low-impact reactive dyes. This means that there are no dangerous chemicals on your shirt or in the local water.

Knitting | Clover, South Carolina

Our knitting facility is a multi-generational company. In accordance to our specifications for weight, the cotton is made into a durable, lightweight fabric.

Cut & Sew | Morganton, North Carolina

The finished fabric is sent to Morganton, North Carolina, where it is cut and sewn to our design specifications. We chose to work with our factory because of its company values in providing fair wages and a successful worker-ownership structure. To make the perfect shirt requires eight different cutting and sewing steps.

One of the expert co-owners of our partner cut and sew facility, focusing on getting the perfect neckline for .02 The T-Shirt.

Printing | Burlington, North Carolina

Off the production line, our shirts get a custom label printing treatment in Burlington, NC.. The plastisol ink used in the label printing system is phthalate-free, meaning that there are no harmful plasticizers that may leach out and potentially cause environmental and health concerns.

There you have it – a USDA organic cotton t-shirt that is safely and expertly grown, harvested, ginned, baled, spun, knit, cut, sewn and dyed in the USA.