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Jigsaw Puzzle- Woodland

Tree Hopper Toys


This puzzle lets kids solve a problem while learning about the forest AND having fun. The jigsaw puzzle is perfect for building cognitive, emotional, and physical skills, and this one from Tree Hopper Toys is made in the USA from sustainably harvested birch plywood and non-toxic water based inks. The puzzle has 12 pieces and comes with a drawstring pouch to store them so you can build and rebuild the puzzle again and again. Tree Hopper Toys is a family owned and operated company out of Chicago that makes engaging toys with love.

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    • 12 Pieces
    • Birch Plywood
    • Non-Toxic Water Based Ink
    • Dimensions: 5” W x 5” L x 1.25” H
  • Made by Hand

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Made in the U.S.A.

Tree Hopper Toys


With kids comes clutter. Toys that beep and light up pile up on the floor and need to be dumped into a toy bin every night or before guests come over. Tree Hopper Toys are trying to offer an alternative and make items that kids enjoy and adults can appreciate too. Operating out of a small shop on the outskirts of Chicago, Tree Hopper Toys is a family owned and operated business hand making toys that are 100% kid safe and earth friendly.

Inside the Tree Hopper Shop

Founder Eric Siegel began crafting the toys when kids began coming into his life. The toys combine Siegel’s expertise of sculpture and printmaking. He still tests toy prototypes on his own kids and nephew, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the product. Having a toy maker in the family certainly has some perks. Eric says if his kids “had it their way they would be at the shop with me everyday.”

From the beginning the goal has been to create products that are engaging, not entertaining.

The toys are beautifully constructed using American hard maple, beach, birch, and European birch plywood. All are harvested in sustainable groves, local to the manufacturer. Inks used in the puzzles and toys are all non-toxic water based ink, with every image on the toys screen-printed and hand printed and applied by hand. The craftsmanship of these toys allows them to endure a much longer stay in the home since there is an adult appeal to them as well.

Tree Hopper Toys are adored by children and adults, inviting a pure, engaging experience to all who play.