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No. 27 Body Lotion

Rue de Marli


In the 18th century on Rue de Marli, Marie Antoinette opened the first perfumery in Paris. Destroyed during the French Revolution, the story of this luxurious storefront inspired a modern line of skincare that melds traditional French soap-making with natural and organic materials. This hydrating body lotion is a blend of the essential oils of argan, sweet almond, pine, Italian cypress and red sandalwood and quickly absorbs into the skin. Devoted to natural beauty, Rue de Marli uses garden-grown ingredients that regenerate and enrich the soil over time, so your skin and the earth are both taken care of.

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    • 100% certified organic ingredients and plant-based essential oils
    • Paraben free
    • Blended with organic essential oils of Argan, sweet Almond, Pine, Italian Cypress and Red Sandalwood
    • 300 ml in glass bottle
    • Made in Canada
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

Rue de Marli

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Lucie Bernier was rummaging through some old books in the St Germain des Pre district of Paris when she came upon an antique book on the history of the French court in the 1700’s. She was enticed and bought the book.

Lucie returned to Quebec and learned in the book of how Marie Antoinette had established the first Perfumery with the official perfumer to the courts, Jean Louis Fargeon. The store was located on Rue de Marli in St. in Germain des Pres, the same district where the book was discovered. When the Revolution took hold of the country the queen, of course, was killed, and the perfumer went bankrupt and was not heard of again. Rue de Marli with its luxurious shops came to represent the aristocracy and Napoleon’s troops destroyed all the shops including the perfumery.

Passionate about biological herbs and traditional soap-making methods and inspired by the rich history she had stumbled upon, Lucie decided to create a line in homage to to the first perfumery on Rue de Marli. The apothecary line uses only 100% certified organic ingredients and plant-based essential oils in its collection of lotions, soaps, fragrance, and candles. With a deep appreciation for natural methods, Rue de Marli also focuses on using garden-grown ingredients that regenerate and enrich the soil over time.

Based and produced in Canada, Rue de Marli revives the decadent scents and artisanal production of the original French perfumer, creating lotions and scents from the most fragrant, organic plants, picked at the peak of their maturity.