Classic Italian Pushpins

Mondial Lus


These Classic Italian Pushpins are designed and made in Italy, which means high quality and great style. Not only are these pins functional, they’re also beautiful. Timeless, tasteful and still fun, the pins provide an extra pop of color to any wall, office space or desk. And we’re sure we can find plenty of other places to stick them, too.

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Mondial Lus

origins: Saronno, Italy

Classic Italian Pushpins found on Zady - - via @zadypins #zady #style #fashion #mondiallus

The Brand Story

Since 1931, Mondial Lus has created products that embody two concepts often thought to be mutually exclusive: beauty and strength. The company’s writing tools and office supplies blend durability with aesthetic, creating products you’ll feel proud to keep on your desk. Why shouldn’t we use stylish pushpins to affix notes to our cubicle walls, vibrant paper clips to turn in our term papers or striking fasteners to hold together the files in our home office? Our work is valuable, and the tools we use in our work should reflect that. Mondial Lus challenges the idea that the little things in life should blend in, by creating the little things that stand out. As the brand says: “Make it fun. Make it your own.”

Classic Italian Pushpins found on Zady - via @zadypins #zady #style #fashion #mondiallus

View from the famous Duomo in Milano, Italy

Mondial Lus uses time-honored production methods—since its inception in 1931, the company has created its products with a careful eye for quality and detail. From design to sale, Mondial Lus ensures that every product it creates receives close attention and personal care. Mondial Lus has greatly evolved over the past 82 years, introducing new technologies into the manufacturing process to make sure products are as strong and beautiful as possible. But that hasn’t kept the company from staying grounded in its roots, elevating the humble paper clip (and dozens of other quotidian office supplies) to fashion accessory status.

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The History of Mondial Lus

Mondial Lus has been taking office supplies to a happier, lovelier level since 1931. Founded in Saronno, a northern Italian city just outside Milan, the company began with metal pens and pushpins, and soon expanded into a wider array of office supplies and writing products. Mondial Lus was an early innovator in work supplies, infusing a fun and vibrant aesthetic with high-quality products that are built to last. Mondial Lus believes there’s room for fun even in the things we’ve come to see as mundane, and its products brighten up even the drabbest office or work space.

Classic Italian Pushpins found on Zady - via @zadypins #zady #style #fashion #mondiallus

Mondial Lus brings joy to the office through color