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Ila Ring

Krysos + Chandi



*Final Sale

Krysos+Chandi is a line that brings together the ancient with the modern, gold and silver, and now the circle and the square. The Ila Ring is an open band that fuses the circle and the square into one solid and seamless piece of metal. It is hand forged and then cast in recycled brass in New York City’s jewelry district by skilled casters and jewelers who have been in the business for decades. This geometric piece is both simple and unusual.

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    • Size 7
    • Band measures from 2 to 3mm in thickness
    • Handmade in New York City
    • Final Sale
  • Made by Hand

    Made in the U.S.A.

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Locally Sourced

Krysos + Chandi

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The blending of cultures, generations, metals and stories is the inspiration for Avneet Basi’s jewelry line, Krysos+Chandi. A contemporary interpretation on the grandeur of the past, the metals themselves are recycled and all come from post consumer products that are melted down and refined. All of the metal pieces are cast, cleaned and polished in the storied jewelry district in midtown Manhattan by skilled casters and jewelers who have been in the business for decades.

I love the juxtaposition of modern vs. ancient aesthetics and western vs. eastern sensibilities.

A fascination with the opulence of the ancient cultures of Greece and India helped lead Avneet to pursue jewelry design, and also inspires the name of her line. “When I was thinking about a name for my brand, I looked back at how I started down this path. Krysos was the Greek god of gold and Chandi means silver in Hindi and the logo actually blends the alchemy symbols of the two metals together”. Living in New York City, Avneet feeds her love for lavish design with access to local museums such as the Metropolitan, where jewelry from different civilizations is on display.

Avneet, an Ottawa native, came to New York to attend the Fashion Institute for Technology nine years ago with a dream to start her own line. After graduating and working in the industry for several years, Avneet finally branched out on her own. Her experience in the jewelry industry also drove her to make pieces that are unique and versatile, as she noticed these attributes waning in the ever-growing market. Krysos+Chandi offers a fresh perspective on an age-old art by combining apparent opposites into a cohesive vision.