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Black Liliput Ball Point




*Final Sale

The Black Liliput Pen is a small and mighty writing instrument, worthy of capturing your every thought. The satin black barrel is made from aluminum and its compact size make it a pen that can accompany you anywhere. Kaweco has been crafting world-class pens since 1883 and today has high quality components made in Japan and then assembled by hand in Germany. The kaweco logo is written in white on the side and top of the retractable ballpoint - a name that stands for quality and penmanship.

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    • Retractable ballpoint
    • Aluminum
    • 98mm long and 9mm in diameter
    • Includes medium blue ink
    • Takes standard D1 refills
    • Comes in Kaweco gift tin
    • Made in Germany
    • Final Sale
  • High Quality
    Raw Materials


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Michael Gutberlet, designer of the reborn Kaweco Sport pen, found fountain pens when he was looking for a birthday gift for his father, the founder of pen part supply company H&M Gutberlet in 1960. Michael tells us, “I was running to a flea market in Nuremberg, and I found a wonderful antique from the early 1920s—it was an Italian pen, safety filling system.” From there, the passion grew. “I gave this pen to my father, and everybody loved the pen,” he says, leading the family to start collecting antique pens together. Kaweco, which debuted one of the first safety pens, had been around since 1908. The brand seemed indomitable, but with the ascent of the ballpoint, the last Kaweco Sport pen was made in 1975, around the time the Gutberlet family had started collecting pens. After acquiring an especially large number of vintage Kaweco pens—Michael now has around 2,000—the family decided in 1992 to buy the brand and make it their own. Their first pen rolled out in 1995.

“I sketch and design every pen myself.…I have the DNA of the old Kaweco inside,” Michael says. Commitment to quality production is vital to H&M Gutberlet’s process. “In Japan I found my partners—we’ve been working together since 1976,” Michael says about his company’s production team. “My father chose them. He could not speak English, so he kept a dictionary in his pocket and traveled to Japan with that dictionary.” Michael’s process today is equally meticulous. He has rejected prototypes from his production team when they are off by even half a millimeter.

Additionally, he shared a DVD with Zady, detailing the “crazy tests” he conducts with his pens. On the DVD, Michael is shown taking his pens windsurfing and cross-country skiing, all across Europe, ensuring unmatched performance and a product that is built to last. “When people love a strong product, why should they throw it away?” he asks rhetorically during our interview. “This is the basic philosophy behind our brand.”

Indeed, with much of the aluminum used in these pens originating from the recycled aluminum from Audi vehicles, Kaweco lives up its brand philosophy in full.