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Navy and White Stripe Thick Linen Kitchen Cloth

Fog Linen Work


These linen kitchen cloths from Fog Linen Work in navy and white stripe linen feature all of the wonderful qualities of linen: durability, high absorbency, strength, and increased softness with use. Made with thick, high-quality linen sourced in Lithuania, these cloths are wonderful additions to kitchens, and can dry dishes and surfaces quickly and easily, without developing or transferring lint like other kitchen cloths. Fog Linen Work focuses on creating high quality, natural linen products for daily use.

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    • A 17.5 inch by 25.5 inch kitchen cloth
    • Made from 100% linen
    • Made in Lithuania
    • Machine wash cold, hang dry or flat dry
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

Fog Linen Work

Navy and White Stripe Thick Linen Kitchen Cloth found on Zady - - via @zadypins #zady #style #fashion #foglinenwork


Yumiko Sekine spent a childhood in Japan surrounded by long-lasting and natural linen items, and forged a happy relationship with the material.

Linen is an ideal textile for home ware: it has natural antibacterial properties, is durable, is easy to wash and quick-drying, and is grown pesticide-free, so it won’t bring harmful chemicals into the home. As an adult, Sekine was disappointed with the linen products available in both Japan and Europe, and took it upon herself to create the products she wanted to use - ones that are simple, honest, beautiful, and long-lasting.

Yumiko visited Lithuania, a country with a centuries-long history of growing flax and producing linen. Linen is such a huge part of Lithuania’s past and traditions, that there are still linen artisans in Lithuania, and the quality of linen produced by the factories there is very high. After meeting with several Lithuanian producers and finding the right ones to produce her designs, Sekine began Fog Linen Work with a first line of just 7 items.

A linen kitchen cloth being made.

Fog Linen Work has since grown, and now produces natural linen products for the home along with apparel. Its products are still made by hand and with special care in Lithuania, in factories that employ working women from the local communities. Utilizing the amazing qualities of linen for the home and body, Fog Linen Work has created a brand around the motto “Live with linen. Every day.”

Inside the factory in Lithuania