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Two Faced Socks

Etiquette Clothiers



*Final Sale

Etiquette Clothiers Two Faced Socks are not your average socks. They embody the elegance and style of Italian fashion. While the socks were designed in New York, the rest happens in Italy. Etiquette Clothiers sources fabrics from Italy and manufactures in small, family-owned Italian factories that have been operating for decades. In vibrant contrasting colors, your feet have never looked - or felt - this good.

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    • Comfortably fits U.S. men’s size 8-12
    • Mid-calf height
    • 85% combed cotton/13% nylon/2% elastane
    • Features stay-up comfort cuff
    • Machine-wash cold
    • Final Sale
  • High Quality
    Raw Materials

Etiquette Clothiers

origins: New York, NY

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The Brand Story

We all know it’s the details that make the outfit. And socks cannot be overlooked. Julien Jonchere and Benjamin Vergnion are changing the way we dress with Etiquette Clothiers by focusing on the basics and doing them right. Benjamin, the designer and creative director, worked for luxury brands, and Julien, the sales director, went from the music industry to branding. They knew each other for six years before launching the brand in 2011. They felt that something was missing in the world of socks: “Basically…you have the choice between very high-end socks that are a little bit boring and fun socks that are super flashy.…We wanted to do a kind of perfect in-between,” Julien says. What they’ve come up with is a high-quality product made by true craftsmen.

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Crafting Etiquette socks one stitch at a time

Benjamin’s designs are inspired by his travels and his upbringing. “He grew up—I think because of his parents—with the idea that etiquette is very important, but if it is served by the idea of quality,” Julien tells us. Benjamin builds on these values with inspiration from the cities around the world that he has visited. And then all that’s left is finding the right people to make the product. Julien talks about finding the best partners for manufacturing: “You look for people who share your values…. Everything is so clean, it breathes quality and detail. Those are the people you want to work with.” Many of their factories are family-run businesses that have been around for 40 to 50 years. “That’s why they’ve survived.” Those guys are the experts, which is why Julien and Benjamin often turn to the factories for the right fabric suggestions. Just to make sure they’re perfect.

The History of Cotton

Etiquette Clothiers uses good cotton in a number of their socks. What exactly is cotton? It’s the “fabric of our lives.” Though it seems oh-so-common, cotton is kind of wonderful. Cotton cloth can be traced back 7,000 years. It didn’t make its way to Europe until the 9th century, however, when it was brought over by Arab merchants. The industrial revolution in England led to mass production in the 1730s, but America revolutionized the process with the invention of the cotton gin in 1793 (we all remember Eli Whitney from American History). Here’s how it’s made: Cotton comes from a flower, of sorts. The flower buds, called squares, blossom around three months after the cotton is planted. When the petals fall, they leave behind green pods called cotton bolls, from which the cotton fibers burst. The cotton is then harvested by machines, cleaned, dried, ginned and separated by fiber length, strength and quality. Finally, the cotton is spun into yarn, woven into fabric and well on its way to your closet.

Sailor Stripe Socks  found on Zady - via @zadypins #zady #style #fashion #etiquetteclothiers

Cotton in its most natural form