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Voyage Travel Kit

Earth Tu Face



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The voyage travel kit features three travel-size Earth Tu Face skincare essentials and serves as the perfect introduction to the line for the woman on the go. Nourish, hydrate and protect the skin with the all-natural face wash, facial serum and body butter. Earth Tu Face focuses on purely plant-based, sustainable skincare that promotes transparency in the personal care industry. All formulas and packaging are 100% compostable and formulated without toxins, synthetics or fillers and made and packaged in the USA.

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    • Includes Face Wash (2 floz), Face Serum (4oz) and Body Butter (1oz)
    • 100% plant-based, food grade ingredients
    • Free of toxins, synthetics, chemicals, preservatives, palm oils, refined oils or genetically modified ingredients
    • Produced and packaged in the USA
    • final sale
  • Sustainable

    High Quality
    Raw Materials

    Locally Sourced

    Made in the U.S.A.

Earth Tu Face

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Chemicals Tu Face? No thanks.

What began as two herbalists in California with a deep respect for the planet and natural healing, Earth Tu Face, maintains the highest standards for the ingredients and packages of the products so that its impact is always positive for people and the planet. With all natural ingredients and no fillers, these products are concentrated, effective, long lasting and feel as good on your body as they do for your conscience. ,

All ingredients are grown sustainably and sourced locally whenever possible. In addition to avoiding toxins, synthetics and chemicals that are destructive and harmful to the body, plants that are endangered and environmentally destructive, such as Palm oil, are excluded from recipes.

We split hairs over our ingredients and sourcing, considering every angle and its possible impact on the planet. Its one of the most important things to us.

Sarah and Marina in their California garden.

Instead, Sarah and Marina use in-season plants that are indigenous to or grow naturally in California and the West Coast like Lavender grown in Oregon, California lemon and California organic olive oil. They take it one step closer to home by growing a significant portion of their ingredients – organic calendula, lavender and rose petals - in their own backyard garden. By sourcing locally, Earth Tu Face’s products not only support the local community and reduce the carbon footprint and impact of the final products, but also make it easier for Sarah and Marina to control the quality and integrity of every aspect of the production process.

Ingredients sourced from outside of the United States are considered carefully and must meet Earth Tu Face’s stringent and inflexible guidelines and requirements on harvesting methods. Coconut oil is sourced from a sustainable coconut plantation in the Philippines while Sandalwood is sourced from a sandalwood cooperative in Australia that replenishes the sandalwood – a heartwood that has become endangered due to over-harvesting in the wild- as it’s farmed.

Even the packaging is deeply considered so that there is no destruction or waste in its creation or after it is used. Using either glass or compostable, all packaging is made in the United States, just like the products themselves. While this adds an extra expense, they “have 100% control over our products and the way they are made because we make them here,” they explain, and this integrity is worth the extra cost and effort.

How it Began

Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm first met each other while studying to become herbalists in California. As the only two students in the program who owned large pieces of land for the purpose of growing large volumes of medicinal plants, it was clear that their dedication to herbalism extended far and beyond the norm.

They quickly bonded and began working together on internal and external skin salves, creams and mists made from fresh garden plants. What began as an herbal exchange in the Bay Area, evolved as organically as the plants they grow into formulating skin care products of their own. When a boutique in Napa purchased their entire stock of product, the duo realized the rising demand for organic skin care and beauty alternatives.

“We realized the focus should be on our unique skin care as there was a real need in the marketplace for products with integrity that nourish both humans and the earth,” Marina explains.

With no regulation in the cosmetic industry in the U.S, Sarah and Marina remain focused on creating products that are made locally, of the highest quality natural materials, and with a transparent supply chain. They recognize this should not be a luxury. It is a necessary step for the health of our bodies and our environment.