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Selen Striped Scarf

A Peace Treaty



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The Selen Striped Scarf is the ultimate cold weather accessory, enhancing any outfit or jacket while keeping you warm and snug. The striped woven scarf in off white, black, pink, teal and navy will bring bright colors into your winter wardrobe while maintaining a sophisticated style. Made from super soft and warm alpaca, the Selen will ward off the cold whether worn around the neck or body. This scarf is the result of A Peace Treaty’s devotion to helping local artisans maintain their crafts while making beautiful products. Each scarf is handcrafted from 100% baby alpaca yarn and is trimmed with hand-knotted tassels by an all women’s knitting cooperative that employs artisans from the Aymara and Quechua indigenous groups in Peru and Bolivia.

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A Peace Treaty

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Farah Malik and Dana Arbib


“We met in Rome,” Farah Malik says of her cofounder Dana Arbib. Farah had a background in human rights in the non-profit sphere, but she says, “I became more convinced that real change comes from a trade—not aid—model”. Dana, for her part, had a design background with a degree from Parsons. The two met at Dana’s brother’s wedding, which Farah was “sort of” crashing. “We got to talking about all the things that are specialized, and our mutual love for workmanship, crafting, and luxury aesthetics you don’t see so regularly in the American market. “

But this was about more than beautiful accessories. One of the company’s original mandates was to be fair-trade and ethical: “The initial concept was to bring into dialogue customers and consumers and make them think about our purchasing actions and this disposable culture we have become so used to.“ The two women set off to “uplift and elevate handi-crafting and techniques” from countries around-the-world. And so, what started as a side project soon became a full time job when A Peace Treaty sold out of their entire 600-scarf collection within a week of launching.

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Natural dyes for the scarves

Production Methods

A Peace Treaty products start on the ground. And we don’t mean U.S soil. “I’m on the ground 6 months a year, in the countries we produce in. I’m often there to do the first initial meetings. And it’s a wild goose chase,” Farah tells us. The process starts well in advance, so as to give artisans enough time to produce the full quantity for the collection. Farah travels around the world, from Nepal to Mexico, shopping around at old markets and bazaars, looking for interesting textiles, and locating their producers. “It’s a long negotiation process of trying to build trust, and trying to prove to them that there’s something really viable here,” she says. From the drawing board to the finished collection, there are 6 or 7 prototypes and revisions in the product. Farah spends much of her time with the artisans, workshopping items based on principals like color theory and the modern Western market. Once the final designs are set, the artisans make the products using traditional methods.

Farah and Dana work hard to maintain artistic authenticity in their projects by “taking traditional things and making them modern.” They help local craftsmen revive old practices and build sustainable businesses. For the first collection, Farah went to Pakistan to find old textile families. With a low demand for cloth, many had given up their craft. After the launch, Farah and Dana invested in these families to support long-term business, setting them up with wooden looms to weave traditional patterns. With block printing, they found “one of the last remaining block painters in Pakistan and had him train some youth.” Their projects are not permanent, however.

Alhal Blue Scarf found on Zady - via @zadypins #zady #style #fashion #apeacetreaty

Yarn, ready to be woven by master artisans

A Peace Treaty is devoted to making beautiful products while helping local artisans by emphasizing “human resource sustainability, human capital, handicraft skills in these communities not going to waste.”