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Soraya Darabi

Zady began with a grand vision: to combat the fast-consumption craze by providing a platform for only those brands that care about timelessness and produce quality products, made by experts who are treated fairly for their hard work. Our website sells beautifully made products, and we create original content called “Features,” that do not necessarily discuss consumption at all. Features are written for the members of our community who are deeply passionate about preserving the world around them. Our readers want to live a happy, fulfilling and ultimately conscious lifestyle.

By choosing to write for Zady you will immediately be a part of the global conversation around mindful consumerism, and will help shape the way our brand is perceived around the world by our readers.

Here’s why we are thrilled to invite you to contribute to Zady:

Help Us Help You!

You are a talented freelancer or subject matter expert. You are a talented writer who would like to build up your portfolio. You are an expert makeup artist who likes to use environmentally friendly products and needs a platform to…

Reach Our Vast Community

Zady has hundreds of thousands of followers across social platforms such as Google+, Instagram and Facebook. We publish almost every story from Features onto our social accounts, and our team (with their own following of over 1 million) posts those articles in addition. So by writing for Zady Features, your work will be seen by countless readers around-the-globe.

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Become and Extension of Our Team

Writing for Zady means working directly with our staff. We receive over 100 applications for jobs each week, and we wish we could hire everyone who wants to be involved. By accepting submissions, we can band together to allow our brand to reach the largest and widest audiences possible. Writers and bloggers such as Alden Wicker, Elena Wang and Winona Dimeo-Ediger have become honorary Zady team members, and we invite them to every event we host as they serve as brand ambassadors.

Build Your Personal Brand

Contribute as often as you like, and get published frequently. Zady will help you build a portfolio of high-quality clips and we will introduce you to other media outlets who can use your talents.

The Type of Content We Love to Publish

On Zady Features we publish stories that both inform and entertain our readers. We look for content that helps us live healthier, more mindful lives. We publish content about fashion, health and wellness, history, travel and culture. Our readers enjoyed reading and sharing The Work-Life Balance by former New York Times writer Melissa Lafsky-Wall which asked “Does a true work-life balance exist? Is it possible to scale? Does it rely upon being in a certain field, or socioeconomic bracket, or region? Should we simply give up and accept that work and family will always be in conflict with each other?” An article titled Hygge Season defining the Danish word hygge, which has no direct translation but refers to the feeling of being among friends and family cozy and in dim light. Articles on Zady can be quite specific also, and histories perform very well on Features. Read The History of Denim or The History of Gift Giving for two such examples.

"Write for Zady!" on #Zady #Features #Stories

A photo by Richard Beaven from Melissa Lafsky-Wall’s “Work Life Integration” for Zady

What We Require From Your Submissions

Zady does not adhere to many guidelines about the length of the content we publish. However, we ask that your submissions stay between 300 - 700 words each. If submitting a recipe, please include serving size, ingredients (including measurements), clear directions on how to prepare the recipe, as well as an introductory paragraph explaining how you like to serve the dish or why this recipe has become one of your favorites.

"Write for Zady!" on #Zady #Features #Stories

Submit a piece about the recent explosion of urban farms across America.

Original Photography

If you choose to submit a photo, and it is highly encouraged that you do, please only submit original photography and provide us a name to publish underneath the photograph as accreditation. Photos should be emailed to our team in high resolution.

Now that you know what we’re looking for, and why becoming a Zady publisher will help our movement grow, what are you waiting for? Send us the next article to go live on our site! To begin, email: with your name (the byline you’d like to see appear underneath your article), your article and original photography, a link to your Twitter account should you have one, and a two-line bio to run at the footer of your piece.

Happy submitting and welcome to our team!

Soraya Darabi, Zady Co-Founder