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Meet Julia and Alexander, the Creative Couple Behind Herbivore Botanicals

"Meet Julia and Alexander, the Creative Couple Behind Herbivore Botanicals" on #Zady #Features #Stories

How does working as a couple influence your process and products? How do each of your strengths and weaknesses balance each other out?

Julia is an incredible dreamer. She is always brainstorming something new and exciting. She has a tall stack of notebooks filled with ingredient lists and sketches of bottles and packaging. I am more of the logistics guy. I had general knowledge of photography, Photoshop/Illustrator, and a little bit of business knowledge as a freelance videographer for about 2 years before I joined Julia full time. It’s always a work in progress, but we have learned to focus on our strong points and be aware of our weak points. We work hard to fill in each others gaps and if both of us lack the skill, well fortunately we are lucky enough at this point to hire somebody to do it.

If you were to make a product based on the moment you met, what would it be?

I think it would be a Lavender Bath Oil. We have both always been bath lovers and some of our first dates were actually spent going to natural food stores to stock up on essential oils and make different blends for my aromatherapy diffuser. As I recall, lavender was our favorite at the time. This might have been because it’s such a soothing scent - which can be nice when you just started dating someone and are nervous because you really like them.

If you hadn’t created Herbivore Botanicals, what would you each be doing?

This is a hard question. I feel like Julia and I were meant to work together. We are a great team and if Herbivore hadn’t happened, I like to think we would have done something else creative. We are both chocolate lovers. Maybe we would have become chocolatiers?

"Meet Julia and Alexander, the Creative Couple Behind Herbivore Botanicals" on #Zady #Features #Stories

What words of wisdom can you give other couples about achieving balance as both life and business partners?

Keep a solid life/work balance. Plan date nights and try not to let your social life completely dissipate. Be kind to each other and listen/ support each other if one of you is having a mini meltdown (this happens when you run a business). Respect each other’s roles in the business and understand that you have built the business together and it needs the two of you equally. Take trips together when possible - it seems like that provides the best separation from work and I know it really allows Julia and me to forget we are business partners for a few days and just be happy in love.