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How to Care for The Zady Collection Chunky Knit Sweater and Other Wool Items

Nicole Alter

After carelessly throwing almost all of my sweaters in the laundry and accidentally distorting their shape for years, I finally realized something had to change. Who knew there were so many ways to take care of wool? The good news is that wool is low static, resistant to wrinkles, and quite dirt repellant. Because there are a lot of misconceptions about taking care of this material, I’ve decided to share ten useful tips for taking care of your wool sweaters from The Zady Collection, including the .01 The Sweater and Chunky Knit Sweater, and any other woolen items that may need some TLC:

"How to Care for The Zady Collection Chunky Knit Sweater and Other Wool Items" on #Zady #Features #Stories

100% Colombian Sheep Produce Wool from Imperial Stock Ranch in Oregon

01 Before you even wet the garment, a good way to remove dirt from wool is to brush it with a garment brush and then air it out. You can brush the garment lengthwise before and after you wear it. It helps to use a wet cotton cloth for wool garments with a fine nap.

02 Spot-cleaning and infrequently washing woolens are great ways to maintain the longevity of the garment. Use a clean cloth and a stain remover specifically meant for wool. Never rub the stain, because that could make it worse.

03 If you must wash the woolen item, try soaking it in cold water for several hours before washing. Don’t wash sweaters in hot water and do not put them in a machine or dryer. When washing the garment, avoid rubbing the wool on itself to avoid felting. Instead, squish the garment in the water.

04 When washing wool, make sure to use special products specifically for woolen items, The Laundress has a great selection! You can also make your own cleaner with a little bit of gentle soap and water. Alternatively, you can use a light detergent or a baby shampoo.

"How to Care for The Zady Collection Chunky Knit Sweater and Other Wool Items" on #Zady #Features #Stories

Tip: store yarn in the color of the wool in your cabinets for future mending

05 Some stain solutions may leave a strong odor that lingers even after several washes. The ozone treatment is very useful for organic based odors and this treatment can be found at a number of dry cleaners.

06 When drying wool, place the garment on a towel and roll until the water is mostly squeezed out. Then, either air-dry the garment on a folding clothes rack or lay the garment flat.

07 In order to keep the garment’s shape, trace its shape on a piece of poster board before washing. Once the garment is washed, dry it on the board so the stencil helps to maintain the sweater’s original shape.

08 Never hang sweaters unless they are hung on a padded hanger. And do not place them in direct sunlight.

09 To prevent garments from pilling, you can buy pilling products that are like small razors. You just have to shave the garment gently to remove the pilling. Sweater or garment combs will also get rid of some pillage. *Make sure to try these products on a less visible area of the garment first, since they can damage fine fabrics if you are not careful.

10 To protect wool from moths and other insects, store your garments in a cabinet or container that is not in direct contact with the walls of your house. Make sure your woolens are clean before putting them in storage—dirty garments are more likely to attract insects. You can use mothballs, moth crystals, herb satchels, or cedar products to repel insects. It’s also a good idea to brush the garments in your closet from time to time.

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