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From Prada to Texas


Meet Robyn Sills, Brand Manager for Fossil and formerly manager of Public Relations for Prada. We sat down with Robyn to learn why she left the glamorous world of New York City high-fashion for Dallas, Texas. Here, in her own words, she explains.

"From Prada to Texas" on #Zady #Features #Stories

The author in Dallas, Texas

I had been living in New York for 8 years and was working for Prada, managing their Women’s Public Relations. Most would say I had a very glamorous job in one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world—yet I was not entirely happy. New York was an anomaly in a way—every day there was something to look forward to: a new restaurant opening, a first look at the best art in the world, the ability to try the latest workout and food fads, scoring half off Broadway tickets or even better half off designer shoes at a sample sale. Shoes and kale aside, I was finding myself increasingly less connected to the city and looking at friends and families lives outside of NY with envy. I couldn’t help but ask myself if the glitz and glamour of the city was sustainable for building the life I actually wanted, and more importantly, what did that fulfilled life look like?

It became remarkably clear that what makes me happy are actually very simple things—spending time with my family, going to a great dinner with friends, dreaming of a home large enough to decorate and entertain, being active outside, and Mexican food! None of these activities were exclusive to New York, and so I began exploring what my life could realistically look like if I (gulp) left. The big hiccup was my career. I had worked tirelessly to build a name for myself in the fashion industry in New York, and a work ethic and resume I was really proud of. Working at Prada was the pinnacle of those efforts—I was working with the most influential and exciting members of the media and design world, traveling internationally, and gaining first access to the best fashions. It seemed nearly impossible to ever be able to duplicate that life and those rewards outside of New York.

"From Prada to Texas" on #Zady #Features #Stories

Fashion in Texas: Oscar de la Renta exhibit in Dallas at the George Bush Presidential Library

I started meeting and talking with people to better understand what life could look like outside of NYC. It soon became obvious that Dallas, Texas (my hometown) was a creative hub bursting with established brands as well as emerging branding agencies, creative start-ups, and design geniuses. I was offered a position to manage a newly formed Brand team (focusing on PR, Events, and brand development) for Fossil—who as luck would have it was based in Dallas.

The most surprising thing about my transition to from Prada to Fossil, from New York to Texas, is frankly how easy it was. I was so anxious that the lack of urban excitement and pulse of the fashion community would leave me feeling bored and unstimulated—but I quickly realized the exact opposite. I was thrown into an exciting new job, working to support the brand re-build of an American brand with deeply rooted heritage, and forced to redefine my own personal style (other than the ‘when in doubt where black’ motto that seems to reign supreme in NYC). There is an impressive emerging and established fashion community in Dallas, which has helped me find my truest personal style yet–a working blend of tomboy casual and modern sleek fashions-and an everlasting love of all things denim. I also took a fresh look at my hometown through a new and more open-minded lens. Dallas had gone through more than just a facelift since I left right after high school; it was almost unrecognizable. Gone was the homogenous city that once felt stifling and left was an exciting city filled with art, music, restaurants, design culture, and fabulous fashion.

"From Prada to Texas" on #Zady #Features #Stories

Sunset in Dallas

Robyn’s Top 10 Things To Do (And See!) in Dallas, Texas

1) The Joule Hotel—Ten over Six, Traffic LA, Comme de Garconne Play, and Taschen Bookstore

2) Nasher Sculpture Museum

3) Forty Five Ten

4) Grange Hall

5) Highland Park Village (Home of Chanel, Balenciaga, Hermes, Madison214 and more!)

6) Dallas Museum of Art

7) Neiman Marcus

8) Dallas Design District (Love Scout and Again and Again for amazing vintage décor finds)

9) Arteriors

10) Canary/Cabana Boutique

Robyn Sillis is a Brand Manager for Fossil in Dallas, Texas. Follow her on twitter