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Fashion Revolution Day 2015

Fashion Revolution Day (FRD) 2015 marks the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed 1,133, and injured over 2,500 people.

One in six people work in the global fashion supply chain. It is the most labor dependent industry on the planet, yet the people who make our clothes are hidden from us, often at their own expense, a symptom of the broken links across the fashion industry.

On April 24th 2015, co-ordinated teams in 67 countries around the world will challenge global fashion brands to demonstrate commitment to transparency across the length of the value chain, from farmers to factory workers, brands to buyers and consumers.

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Fashion Revolution is a coalition of consumers, designers, academics, writers, business leaders and government officials calling for systemic reform of the fashion supply chain.

This year, we are honored to have been asked to serve as the U.S. Chair of Fashion Revolution Day to help raise awareness for this day.

Fashion Revolution Day aims to build a future where accidents like Rana Plaza never happen again. Where the industry is no longer hidden in the shadows, with its dirty, unregulated factories making it the second most polluting sector in the world. It believes in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. Its mission is to bring everyone together to make that happen.


What you can do right now We encourage you to sign up for the Fashion Revolution Day Thunderclap campaign. This allows for campaign messaging to go out on April 24th and instantaneously reach hundreds of thousands of followers.

What you can do leading up to April 24th Consider hosting an event. For example, have an wear your clothes inside out Instagram party, screen a documentary on issues within the fashion industry, create an on the ground activation to get others involved, or something else entirely - it’s up to you, your time and your creativity.

Here is an active list of events that are taking place around the country and the globe.

What you can do the week of April 24th Let’s get involved! Click here for guidance on how you can get involved. If you’d like to take your participation one step further, you can download the official FRD social media kit - here. This kit includes timeline photos, instagram posts and multiple assets to help raise awareness for FRD.

What you can do on April 24th Use your own social channels to get active.

  1. Take a picture of yourself wearing an item of clothing inside out.
  2. Tagging the brand, share the picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #whomademyclothes and #fashrev.
"Fashion Revolution Day 2015" on #Zady #Features #Stories

We ask of you to join us and bring a greater awareness to Fashion Revolution Day and the state of the fashion industry. In short, we believe that FRD is an opportunity to raise our voices for those that can’t be heard and to act as a catalyst for change in this industry.

Join Us!