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Factories full of mistreated workers.
Rivers full of toxic chemicals.
Closets full of disposable wears.
Landfills full of yesterday’s garments.

There is a better way.

Welcome to Zady

We believe in products with solid construction, the best materials, the lowest environmental footprint, the highest labor standards and timeless style, above all. We believe that process does matter, and that each step of that process is tied inextricably to the final product.

We know that you have choices and that those choices have an impact on the environment, the economy and all the people who are a part of the production process. There are endless choices, but now there is a choice that is informed, transparent and apart from the norm…a better choice.

A New Standard

For us it is more than the bottom line, it is addressing the impact of our wardrobes, it is building an awareness of what exists behind a label, it is providing a solution to right the wrongs of the fashion industry that has been telling us to buy more and more, and it is supporting a community of farmers, washers, dyers, millers, knitters and sewers with a deep-rooted belief in quality.

Look, we realize that this isn’t going to happen on its own. But we, the collective we, can turn the industry around.

Join us.

Process matters.
Quality matters.
Honesty matters.

Our Standards

  • Tbsp

    The Bootstrap Project

  • Locally_sourced

    Locally Sourced

  • Made_in_usa

    Made in the USA

  • Made_by_hand

    Made by Hand

  • Sustainable


  • High_quality

    High Quality


Maxine Bédat / Co-Founder

Having spent time with craftsmen in places like Zambia, Tajikistan and Nepal as founder of the nonprofit The Bootstrap Project, Maxine is constantly in awe at how people create beautiful things. She co-created Zady to help share creators' stories and facilitate a connection to our things and each other.


Soraya Darabi / Co-Founder

Back in high school in Minneapolis, Minn, after watching "Norma Rae" for the first time, Soraya stood on a stage in front of her classmates and asked them to tear out the labels in their mall-purchased sweaters to show solidarity for the workers who made them.
She still likes the movie a lot. Soraya co-created Zady to help her friends look stylish while feeling good about the clothes they are wearing.