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our mission
  • Process matters.
  • Quality matters.
  • Honesty matters.
  • Zady began with a grand vision:
  • to combat the fast-fashion craze by
  • providing a platform for only those
  • companies that care about timeless
  • style and solid construction.
  • Tbsp
  • Locally_sourced
  • Made_in_usa
  • Made_by_hand
  • High_quality
  • Sustainable
Learn about our mission
The Real Foundation of our Wardrobes

Lurking in our closets, hidden in our cotton t-shirts, wool sweaters, and leather handbags, is one of the most important elements to life: soil. How does our soil makes its way into our closets?

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Mapping Materials: A Guide to Understanding What Your Clothes are Made of

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Outliving the Reign of Kings: The Importance of Linen

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