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our mission
  • Process matters.
  • Quality matters.
  • Honesty matters.
  • Zady began with a grand vision:
  • to combat the fast-fashion craze by
  • providing a platform for only those
  • companies that care about timeless
  • style and solid construction.
  • Tbsp
  • Locally_sourced
  • Made_in_usa
  • Made_by_hand
  • High_quality
  • Sustainable
Learn about our mission
Setting a New Standard

What we have learned from all of this is that our world is small and the decisions that we make can have an enormous impact. Just by being aware of the origins and the process behind the things we choose to buy, we’re saying that within these times we have power.

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The Master Craftsmen of Zady: Jessie and Tu Tu

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Bringing the Farm to Fresh Food Deserts

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