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our mission
  • Process matters.
  • Quality matters.
  • Honesty matters.
  • Zady began with a grand vision:
  • to combat the fast-fashion craze by
  • providing a platform for only those
  • companies that care about timeless
  • style and solid construction.
  • Tbsp
  • Locally_sourced
  • Made_in_usa
  • Made_by_hand
  • High_quality
  • Sustainable
Learn about our mission
Mapping Materials: A Guide to Understanding What Your Clothes are Made of

The materials in our clothes, also known as fabrics or textiles, are produced by weaving together fibers or blends of fibers to produce a finished garment. Fibers are exceptional materials because they serve two purposes simultaneously: form and function. In other words, we expect that our clothes will both look a certain way and perform a certain purpose. We need our clothes to keep us cool, help us stay warm, wick away sweat if we’re running, drape a certain way if we’re wearing a formal dress, and so on. The fibers in our clothes tell a much richer story than the few words on a tag reveal.

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Outliving the Reign of Kings: The Importance of Linen

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Sustainability Now

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